How we do it

Our Brand of Medicine

All the hip companies have core values these days, so we thought we should too. Although, we’re sort of tired of the term core values at this point, so let’s just call this our brand of medicine.  We use this as our litmus to guide every patient experience and decision we make about our practice, If it doesn’t pass, we don’t do it.


We’ve built our practice on providing great medical dermatology from pediatrics to geriatrics and everyone in between.  You won’t find us shouting from the rooftops (which is our way of saying we don’t really have a marketing budget).  We rely on WOM (Word Of Mouth) for the most part.  We’re social on facebook and instagram and we keep hearing about how fun TikTok is but by the time we’ve finished writing this there’ll inevitably be another channel we should probably glom onto.  We post when we’re not busy, which is rare.  We should probably post more or maybe not, who knows.  Our practice has more than doubled the number of patients since 2012 byWOM by practicing cost effective and efficient medicine.  We won’t make you come back if it’s not necessary for your treatment plan to reach the results you desire.  But we are always available to you when you need us, same day, in person or by phone.

Not Salesy

If you are interested in cosmetic treatments and anti-aging as a patient in our practice, we’d be happy to help you reach your goals.  We want you to be the best version of you at every age but we also pride ourselves on not being salesy (that’s not a word but we’re going with it).  We don’t believe anyone needs a cosmetic treatment to survive (but we all love our potions and procedures and get our treatments regularly).  We’ll only suggest treatments or products to you if it’s what we’d suggest to our family members and it’s what you want to achieve your goals.  Never say never but we’re saying we will never market for cosmetic treatments.  You won’t see any before/after pics on our site or social channels (we never believe those things anyway). We focus on the individual, your goals, your comfort, your budget.

We love what we do and have the most fun doing it

Our patients are what make our job the best on the planet.  Our team of medical professionals love what they do, mostly because of what the patients give back to us; their stories, trust, friendship, hugs and high fives.  We put the needs of our patients first.  This should be a given but in todays’ world of ever-changing healthcare, we understand how complex it can be and we’ll do everything we can to help.  Every decision we make is in the best interest of the patient, whether it’s a medical decision or implementing new technology to run our practice.  If it doesn’t directly benefit our patients care or experience, we don’t do it.

Cutting Edge

Dr Caudill graduated in the top 5% of her medical school class.  Dr. Kado trained at Cleveland Clinic, one of the largest and most respected hospitals in the country.  Kenzie isn’t just any Nurse Practitioner, she received her Master of Science and Doctor of Nursing Practice from Duke University.  We have several Registered Nurses (RN) on staff and one really amazing Medical Assistant (MA) to ensure our entire team provides you with an exceptional experience.  We are not the jack of all trades, master of none.  What we do, we do as well as anyone anywhere.  If you require a service outside of our expertise, we know the best physicians.  Bring us your toughest problem, we’d love to help.

Small Town Values

If you have a question, call and chat with real humans, not a recording.  Experience a doctor visit that is like meeting your neighbor at Honcho for coffee.  We know the name of your dog, favorite vacation spot and love your grandmother’s pancake recipe.  If you have have an emergency we will see you the same day.  We will skip our lunch or stay late to make sure you are well cared for and happy.  We are family.


Build a relationship with us; the continuity will directly impact your treatment’s success and be a whole lot more fun.  You see your provider every visit. They’ve seen your skin at its worst and at its best.  Each will customize a treatment plan that fits you, your lifestyle and your goals because they know you.

We Don’t Apologize for Being Efficient

We are good at what we do.  Really good.  We’ve had the best training, decades of experience and although sometimes it seems that your visit is really fast (really, people think this), we assure you we take great pride in making your condition better quickly, addressing all of your concerns and providing you with the best individualized treatment plan.

We’re Different

We aim to be like no other doctor visit you’ve ever had and our office doesn’t look like any office you’ve ever been to, fresh, clean and happy.  Let’s face it, having to take time out of your busy schedule isn’t always the most convenient. We get it.  Our time isn’t more important than yours.  We respect that but need your help.  We understand that you may have many issues that need attention by our team.  However, to deliver our brand of medicine we may ask that you schedule a follow up appointment to provide the best care for each of your concerns.  Our policy is to say yes to your every need unless of course saying no is what is best for you.